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Show Ronald McDonald Who's Boss!

There is a war going on for YOUR children's health. Take control and protect them!

Advertisers target fast food advertisements at young children in an attempt to get them "hooked" at an early age and encourage consumption into adulthood. Much like when tobacco companies used cartoon characters as mascots to encourage interest in young children.

When you make healthy eating choices in the home, you are teaching your children that YOU, not Ronald McDonald, are the authority on dinner. Although there is little harm in the occassional happy meal, YOU have the power to teach your children that vegetables are good for you and not punishment for a crime.

Healthy food choices in the home reduce childhood obesity and the health complications that can result. Futhermore, believe it or not, your children are likely to raise their children in a simliar way. Even if your family has a history of obesity, YOU can stop the cycle and make healthy eating the new family norm.

Take charge of your family and wage a war on fast food manipulating your child.

If you need help learning what to eat and proper portion control, CLICK HERE to book your free consultation with us and learn how to change your family's life.

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