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Meet the Owner

The owner of Aggressive Weight Loss has over 10 years of experience in the field of weight loss counseling and health center management. Ms. Cole was one of the first to open a weight loss center in Florence, SC and has been a small business owner since 1978.

Ms. Cole used her program to lose 52 pounds in 16 weeks and personally empathizes with the triumphs and struggles of each one of her patients. As a mother, grandmother, and business owner she understands the importance of customizing programs to work with the unique lifestyle of every individual patient.

Ms. Cole is passionate about helping others reach their weight loss goals in a healthy way. At Aggressive Weight Loss in Florence, SC she teaches her patients portion control, what to eat, and how to keep the weight off!

Shedule your free consultation to meet Ms. Cole and discover which of the Aggressive Weight Loss Solutions are perfect for you!

Click our logo below to schedule an appointment online, or call 843-661-0211 today!

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