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Weight Loss

aggressive rapid medical weight loss center clinic florence sc natural weight loss
aggressive rapid medical weight loss center clinic florence sc pharmaceutical medical weight loss

Natural Weight Loss

Pharmaceuticul Medical Weight Loss

The Aggressive Weight Loss Center in Florence, SC natural (non-medical) weight loss program teaches you portion, control, what to eat, and allows you to eat grocery store food and even out at restaurants. 


Our unique four-stage program ensures you lose weight at a SAFE and HEALTHY pace and most importantly, KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF for lifelong weight loss success. 


We offer lifetime weight loss maintenance for FREE.  We are your weight loss partners for LIFE, not just today, and not just until you reach your goal.


We are your lifetime weight loss partners.  After you reach your goal we encourage you to weigh-in with us once a month, and if you ever need to lose a little weight again, or your weight begins to increase, you can go back on the program FREE of charge. 

Although most of our reach their goal weight through diet alone, our Aggressive Weight Loss Center in Florence, SC does offer medication-assisted pharmaceutical medical weight loss programs. 


This program involves a medical screening including an EKG, lab work, and an examination by either our Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. 


If the screening indicates a pharmaceutical medical weight loss program is safe for the patient, the patient will receive a prescription for an appetite suppressant/diet pill (usually Adipex, Phentermine, or Bontril). 


Patients participating in the Pharmaceutical Medical Weight Loss Program are encouraged to participate in our Natural weight loss program as well. 



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